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A destination for practitioners in service-oriented organizations—such as libraries, schools, community centers, community colleges, and workforce training centers to find digital literacy content. The resources can be found by subject area, community, by skill topic, and learning level.

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Emerging Technologies in Adult Literacy Education

Contributed by: Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

This paper describes the potential contribution of emerging technologies to adult literacy and language education and the opportunities and challenges involved in incorporating these technologies into adult education programs.

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Empowernet California

Contributed by:

Funded by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), Empowernet offers training programs and best practices that are being utilized throughout California.

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English for All

Contributed by: U.S. Department of Education (ED)

Training and interactive classes to learning English. Made possible by a grant from USED.

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ESL/Civics Links

Contributed by: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

ESL/CivicsLink is a professional development system for adult education ESL teachers. Developed by adult educators for adult educators and tested in the field, this web-based product is managed by Kentucky Educational Television and prepares teachers to do the following: teach English to speakers of other languages, enhance cross-cultural awareness, and integrate English literacy instruction and civics education.

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Essential Self Help Social Networking Computer Videos

Contributed by:

These online FREE videos show how to handle common issues, based on actual viewings from our computer training system. Considered essential for anyone that uses a computer for more than 10 hours a month, to keep the system working well.

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Evaluating Online Sources

Contributed by: Connect Your Community

An introduction to evaluating online sources.

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Expanding and Handling Problems

Contributed by: International Finance Corporation

This tutorial contains information on rules to follow before expanding your business, ways to motivate key employees, and explains common business problems such as uncontrolled cash flow, drop in sales or insufficient sales, and higher costs. The tutorial also contains suggested activities and a quiz to test your knowledge of the subject matter covered during the tutorial.


Explaining Variation in Twitter Adoption among a Diverse Group of Young Adults”

Contributed by: Web Use Project

What motivates young adults to start using the popular microblogging site Twitter? Can we identify any systematic patterns of adoption or is use of the service randomly distributed among Internet users of this demographic? Drawing on unique longitudinal data surveying 505 diverse young American adults about their Internet uses at two points in time (2009, 2010), this paper looks at what explains the uptake of Twitter during the year when the site saw considerable increase in use.

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Eyenote App Overview

Contributed by: U.S. Department of Treasury

The EyeNote™ application (app) was developed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) for the blind or visually impaired to use as a tool to increase accessibility to Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. paper currency). EyeNote™ is built for the Apple iOS to allow the user to scan a bank note and communicate its value back to the user.

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Facebook 101

Contributed by: Goodwill Community Foundation International

This tutorial was created to get you up to speed on how to create, use, and maintain a Facebook page of your own, including understanding the Facebook privacy policies and settings.

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Facebook Dictionary

Contributed by:

A guide to understanding terms used on Facebook.

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Familiarízate con Internet

Contributed by: Club Digital

El Internet es un mar de información y en la lección 2, te mostramos cómo buscar y conectarse a la información que necesita. Con un vídeo sobre los fundamentos de los motores de búsqueda también incluye artículos sobre cómo usar las populares redes sociales Facebook y Twitter.

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FCC Broadband Speed Test

Contributed by: Federal Communications Commission

The purpose of the Consumer Broadband Test (Beta) is to give consumers additional information about the quality of their broadband connections and to create awareness about the importance of broadband quality in accessing content and services over the internet. Additionally, the FCC may use data collected from the Consumer Broadband Test (Beta), along with submitted street address, to analyze broadband quality and availability on a geographic basis across the United States.

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Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Contributed by: U.S. Department of Education (ED)

Information link containing more than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies. New sites are added regularly.

Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA)

Filling out a Job Application


A tutorial on how to fill out a job application.

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Financial Aid FAQs

Contributed by: College Board

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding financial aid.

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Financial Aid Wizard

Contributed by: U.S. Department of Education (ED)
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Financial Tutorials

Contributed by: Tech Goes Home

Tutorials on such online financial resources as: (which offers information about everything from credit cards to home mortgages); The Beehive (which offers various financial information); and (which offers tips on effective ways to manage and save money).

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Find a Job

Contributed by: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

A successful job search takes prospects, preparation, and polish. You'll find the essentials here.

Browse online job listings, use job-search data tools, learn how to make a job-search plan, get tips to improve your resume, and discover the secrets of job-winning interviews.

Finding Good Information on the Internet

Contributed by: Broadband Access Project (BAP)

Since anybody can post information on the Internet, it is important to check information for truthfulness and accuracy. Watch the video to learn the ABC's of website evaluation, and then print out the information below for a take-home handout!